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(you’ll never guess) Why I want to study biology

Summer is leaving, and despite my best efforts (begging, weeping, holding my breath, puppy eyes, the usual) I can’t make it stay. I don’t especially like the weather or the season itself, but I do enjoy the freedom it grants from school. However, here I am, reliably back in school. Before starting classes, I needed to choose a science class, and you can probably see how that went assuming you can read the title (if you can’t read… Why am I typing this?). Here’s why I chose biology: 

(Presented in proper, list style. Blogs are basically buzzfeed, right? I should really add something to the title…)

1. I tested into it. Hopefully this class will be challenging enough without killing me.

2. Labs are fun. I’m really looking forward to learning from something other than a lecture or textbook.

3. This will help me decide which AP class to take down the road. In junior or senior year, I can look back at biology and either say “That was a disaster! There’s no way I’m taking AP Bio,” or else “I’ll take AP Biology. It probably won’t kill me” (Or perhaps “After that, I’m never taking a science class again.” Let’s hope that doesn’t happen).

Incidentally, after choosing to take Biology, I was given an assignment to write a blog post about my reasoning. So now I’m blogging.

P.S. I was also supposed to add some picture or videos, but wasn’t sure how to naturally slip them into the post. Instead, here’s a visual summary: