Log 184.

User R19Remmel

This week, in our exploration, we discovered the remains of an unrecognizable organism. Levels of decay suggest that it died recently, most likely within the last few days. Given the superb condition of this alien creature, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pull it apart. I’ve attached out video transmission of the dissection here:

Video Transmission
Though this organism may initially seem bizarre and unrelated to life on earth, further examination revealed a striking number of similarities to animals on earth. The organism possessed 8 limbs, or tentacle, surrounding a central opening. Just inside this opening sat a solid, sharp beak. We believe the organism used this as mouth, and cut through food using its beak. The size and sharpness of the organ suggests this organism ate small animals for food. This is most revealing; if this is indeed a carnivore, then there must be multiple other organisms to discover on this planet. 

Multiple tiny suction cups covered one side of each tentacle, which the organism could use to latch on to prey, and pull its body to the beak. Following the esophagus, the digestive track continued into a large central organ(s). Unfortunately, possibly due to decay after the organism died, this central tissue was extremely fragile, and though this likely contained prominent parts of the digestive and respiratory, it broke apart at our first incision. We suspect buildup of “molecular acid” is also to blame.

Directly above this cavity was a membrane surrounding a sac filled with blood, white rounded organs, and minuscule curled tubes. We hypothesize this sac protected the male reproductive system. Sperm could easily have moved from the testes, through the seminiferous tubes, and out of the opening at the very top of the squid.

Enclosing both the central cavity and this sac was a thin but strong flap of skin. An addition flap enclosed the opening at the top of the organism and the sac containing the reproductive system. Finally, at the bottom of the organism, next to the mouth, we discovered two eyes, behind openings in their protective lids.

This discovery poses the question of whether this should be classified as “life” at all. Our dissections provides substantial evidence that it qualifies. This organism comprised of various tissues (and therefore, by extension, cells), such as connective, blood, and muscular tissue. In addition, we viewed multiple organ systems, which represent those of animals on Earth (such as the digestive system). The mouth suggested that this creature consumed food, intaking energy to perform life processes like all life. Finally, the reproductive system indicates that this species reproduces, allowing life to continue into further generations. All of this evidence leads us to believe that we have indeed discovered new alien life.


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